Basic policy of cable building of BriseAudio is , high- resolution , wide-range , not to distort the sound , low noise floor. And, to maximize possible equipment performance by minimizing the impact of the external environment. And , we are repeating the audition to become the absolute sound .
As with high-end audio, it is common to headphones and portable audio cables.Assembled , all we have thoroughly so that as possible taking advantage of the know-how to every corner be made in full manually by our certified cable Meister .




In headphone & portable audio cable , there is a variety of specifications to the connector by the equipment .Therefore , in order to use cable of the BriseAudio in long term , if we can, we will accept to change the specifications by the replacement of the terminal after purchase. ( for example, connector changes, the re- cable for HD650 to for HD850).Change from the TRS to TRRS is also possible in some cases .We will suggest order made cable if you tell such as your equipment and your favorite sounds .


2018.8.10-12 Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show
2018.7.20-22 KL International AV Show (3DotEvents)
2018.7.14-15 Portable Festival in Akihabara
2018.7.7 Portable Audio Laboratory 2018 Summer in Nakano
2018.5.13 e-earphone in Nagoya
2018.5.12 e-earphone in Osaka Umeda
2018.4.28-29 Spring Headphone festival 2018 in Nakano
2018.3.17 Portable Festival in Nagoya
2018.2.14-16 nano tech 2018 in Tokyo
2018.2.10.Portable Audio Laboratory 2018 Winter in Nakano
2017.12.16-17 Portable Festival in Akihabara
2017.11.3-4 Autum Headphone festival 2017 in Nakano
2017.9.17 e-earphone in Akihabara
2017.729 Fujiya-avic in Nakano
2017.7.15-16 Portable Festival in Akihabara
2017.7.8 Portable Audio Laboratory 2017 Summer in Nakano
2017.6.18 Portable Festival in Nagoya
2017.5.7 Portable Festival in Osaka
2017.4.29,30 Spring Headphone festival 2017 in Nakano
2017.4.2 Portable Festival in Fukuoka
2017.3.11 Portable Festival in Sapporo
2017.2.18  Portable Audio Laboratory 2017 Winter in Nakano
2017.2.5 Portable Festival in Sendai
2016.12.17-18 Portable Festival in Akihabara
2016.10.30 e-earphone in Nagoya
2016.10.29 e-earphone in Osaka Nipponbashi
2016.10.22-23 Autum Headphone festival 2016 in Nakano
2016.7.30    Portable Audio Laboratory 2016 Summer in Nakano
2016.7.16-17  Portable Festival in Akihabara
2016.4.29.30  Spring Headphone festival 2016 in Nakano


◆Headphone custom cable sales start

It can correspond to various headphones !

◆mini-mini cable sales start

Ultra-high- resolution mini mini cable