◇Brise Audio UPG001HP Ref. Headphone Re-cable

 Even products not inthe correspondence table may be able to make custom-made correspondence so please inquire to describe your headphones.

UPG001HPRef. brushes up UPG001HP developed as a high sound quality re-cable for high-end headphones, effectively assigns the technology adopted in our flagship cable MURAKUMO and achieves further high sound quality.
In the original UPG001 HP, high-end headphones can cover expressible areas as development conditions
It was developed with particular attention to the expression of mid-low range, the abundance of thickness and gradation, the extensiveness of mid-high range,
At UPG001 HP Ref., We finished it in such a way as to further extend its characteristics and be able to Immersed in music.
BriseAudio High-end headphone It is a high-quality reference model that also takes care for handling while effectively inheriting the characteristics of the cable.
Cable is BriseAudio proprietary cable.
We use state-of-the-art advanced high purity copper for conductors, and adopted a luxurious 8-core structure.

The photo shows UPG001HP Ref. For MDR-Z1R to 4 poles XLR (MDR-Z7, EAH-T700 also compatible)We adopted the final original genuine terminal for the first time at a third party.


 The picture is FOCAL UTOPIA to 4 pole XLR cable.

Cable slider adopted for UPG001HP Ref is cut out from rare rosewood solid material with very high texture, and it is producing in Japan.
Even in terms of sound quality and texture as a product, it is finished very high grade.

In order to maximize its performance, BriseAudio selectively constructed an 11-layer structure (including 3 layers of wide-band nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material with 7 layers structure) adopted as a flagship cable MURAKUMO selectively in effective locations .
By doing so, we realized overwhelming dynamism. In addition, it prevents decrease of information volume of arrival sound, and realizes reduction of noise floor.
Especially the mid-low range dynamic feeling, resolution, texture reaches the heights that can be said to be overwhelming.

 We will deliver it in BriseAudio original box. 4.4 mm plug model adopts OFC Pentaconn as standard

【Lineup 】※Corresponding headphone list is here
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-4pole XLR 1.3m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-4pole XLR 2.5m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-OFC Pentaconn(4.4mm) 1.3m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-OFC Pentaconn(4.4mm) 2.5m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-6.3mm 1/4TRS 1.3m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-6.3mm 1/4TRS 2.5m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-3pole XLR x2 1.3m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-3pole XLR x2 2.5m
UPG001HP Ref.Amplifier side -3pole XLR x2(Carbon stainless steel) 1.3m
UPG001HP Ref. Amplifier side-3pole XLR x2 (Carbon stainless steel) 2.5m 
※LR 40cm after branching 
※Prices will be common regardless of headphones.
※We distinguish right and left by the logo color of heat shrinkage. The right is the gold logo and the left is the silver logo.

※The terminal on the amplifier side
 4pole XLR
 3pole XLRx2
 3pole XLRx2(Carbon stainless steel)
 5pole 4.4mm(OFC Pentaconn)
 6.3mm 1/4TRS(Pure Copper + Rhodium Plating)
You can choose from the above. Prices are different.
MURAKUMO construction is applied inside or near all plugs.
4 pole XLR(balanced connection)6.3 mm 1/4TRS (pure copper + rhodium plating)3pole XLRx2 (balanced connection)5pole 4.4mm(OFC Pentaconn)3pole XLRx2 (Carbon stainless steel)

【FOCAL UTOPIA exclusive cable】

【Screw terminal model for MDR-Z1R, MDR-Z7, EAH-T700】

Connection example with SONY MDR-Z1RConnection example with Technics EAH-T700It corresponds to the screw type as with the original cable of MDR - Z1R, MDR - Z7, EAH - T700! A reliable lock is possible.

【Mr Speakers compatible terminal model】
It corresponds to ETHER (C) (Flow) and AEON Flow.Use headphone side connector with high endurance high quality terminal

We will respond variously besides photos such as for HD800 (S) and for FOCAL UTOPIA.
For HD800For HD650For T1(T5) 2nd Generation

※ The aging will settle in about 200 hours.
※ Please see the correspondence chart of headphones and purchase.

 ※Here is the headphone model correspondence table


※ The standard length will be 40 cm after branching 1.2 m total length.

 If you do not find your headophone in the list below, please contact us.


Product name
UPG001HP Ref.
Conductor High performance high purity copper conductor
Conductor structure   W-Quad Spiral(8wire) 
Special 11 layers MURAKUMO construction, special electromagnetic wave shield
* Broadband nonmagnetic special laminated electromagnetic wave absorbing material (7 layer structure) adopted 
Insulation Special high functional resin
Terminal Follow each specification