ショールーム・第1開発評価用試聴室。Showroom and Listening Room for No.1 Development Evaluation
第2開発評価用試聴室(Listening room for the second development evaluation)第2開発評価用試聴室(Listening room for the second development evaluation)ヘッドフォンケーブル開発環境 。A system for evaluating headphone cables.




This is a listening room for the development of our products. If you make a reservation, we can compare the listening to your own cable. Rental listening is also available, so please contact us.
We are not able to visit the showroom due to the current schedule. Please contact us again when it is reopened.

(The rental cable is available for rent in Japan only.)

Speake only japanese.


Questions about our products.
Inquiries about the handling of our products.
Inquiry about custom cables
For other inquiries, please contact us by phone or line.
In addition to the contact form, you can also contact us by phone (only in Japanese) or LINE Please feel free to contact us.
Please feel free to contact us by phone or LINE.

・If you have any questions about the repair of our products, please contact us using the following repair form. If you are located outside of Japan, please contact your local dealer for repairs.
As we are unable to send emails to the domain, please specify a different email address if you are using the domain email address. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.